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Torri Higginson at SF Ball 2012 in Bournemouth UK.

Hey All,

Just a quick note to remind you that Torri Higginson, Kate Vernon and Michael Hogan will be at SF Ball 2012 in Bournemouth UK.
Tickets are selling fast so book soon, especially if you want an 'upclose and personal, really meet the guests' Gold Ticket!

Book via our website www.sfball.com or booking line. Be sure to mention the guest that you are booking to see!

See You all soon!

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Torri's demo reel

Hi guys!

Final voting for Torri's best Weir scenes in Stargate: Atlantis is now up! We've narrowed down the list of submissions into the top nine, and the top three or four will be passed along to Torri for use in her demo reel! You can vote for your favorite Weir scene HERE. Voting closes Monday, April 11th, at midnight CET. Please help Torri and get your votes in! :D

→ @citiesofclouds (hihoplastic) or @mssinjin (bigdamnxenafan) on Twitter
→ @higginsoninfo on Twitter
→ higginsoninfo@gmail.com (Twitter)
→ info@torrihigginson.net (Website)
doctor who - r/d; picture it backwards

Torri Higginson Birthday Project


Hi guys!

It's time for the second annual Torri Higginson Birthday Project! GET EXCITED!!

Last year's birthday project for Torri was a compilation of video submissions from all you lovely fans, and Torri adored it! This year, we're doing something a little different, but no less awesome! This year's project is a scrapbook, which will be compiled by Isa (torrealis) and Catherine (hihoplastic) and given to Torri at the Creation Entertainment Convention in LA in November.

As mentioned, this project is a scrapbook, so it's pretty open what you submit! Letters, cards, artwork (including photoshop, drawings, paintings, etc., anything that's 2-dimensional or can be folded into a 2-dimensional shape to fit in the scrapbook), photographs, collages, etc. will all be accepted! This is not a complete list, obviously, so if you have other ideas please let us know so we can add it here! Be creative! Your submissions can be as short or as long as you like; we aren't going to cap anything.

In an attempt to be brief, here's an pre-emptive FAQ. If we missed something, don't hesitate to ask in the comments or via email (thbirthdayproject@gmail.com)!

(FAQ! )
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Weir's background

Does anyone have any info on Weir's background? e.g. where she was born, where she grew up, her education

I know that she has a double Ph.D. in political science and philosophy (?), she was in a long term relationship with Simon, her dad is dead, and her dog is Sedgewick.

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Torri Higginson in Stonehenge Apocalypse

Okay, it's going to be ABSOLUTELY GODAWFUL, but Torri Higginson, Peter Wingfield, and Misha Collins are going to be in Stonehenge Apocalypse together. It's currently listed as in post-production, and if it's not for Skiffy (I'm sorry, I still can't call it "SyFy"), I'll be very surprised.

I've been informed that this totally explains the bizarre Stonehenge-themed pics Misha Collins was tweeting a while back. No Torri in the pics (woe), but you can check them out here, here, and here.

Also! Yay! Nimet Kanji has a small role, and I absolutely adored her as Rajani Mohadevan (the forensic examiner) on Blood Ties. She's got a wry sense of humor as Rajani that's absolutely wonderful. Now if only she had a bigger role, but, with any luck, she and Torri will have scenes together, and then we can have two women on screen at once.

Why, yes, I am entirely too excited about this. Torri's only four down in the credits, according to IMDB.

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ETA: As of 6/25/11, this post has gotten a couple of spam comments, so I'm disabling comments. Apologies for the comments vanishing; it's the best anti-spam measure I can think of.
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My Torri site is back up. It still has some glitches and missing stuff (working on getting the news back and some links fixed), but the photos are back up. We are at a new host server and made some security changes so this stuff hopefully won't happen again. Thanks to those who offered help and/or words of sympathy. They were greatly appreciated.

And while most of you already know about it, Torri has a movie in post-production called You, Me, Love (formerly known as Yumi In Love), and will be working on another film soon (details to come). She has been spending a lot of time with her family as of late as well.

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Even though I haven't updated it in a long time (where the hell IS Torri?! Bueller? Bueller?), please do NOT go to my Torri site (http://torrihigginson.info/).

It has been hacked. In fact, all of my sites have been.

If you have a really good firewall/anti-virus/spyware program, you won't notice it. Otherwise, you may get a virus or just be treated to some stupid "fly by night" pharmaceutical company .pdf ad (that is what comes up on our Gates McFadden site).

All of my sites, including the Torri one, will be taken down, deleted, and moved to another server. I don't know how long that will take.

Sorry for any problems/inconvenience.

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