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Epic first meet with Torri Higginson

I had THE best weekend!

This weekend was EPIC!!!

Not only did I just have a fantastic time with my friends, but I once again got to go see Spike Heels in West Hollywood with my Fake Sister Alicia! For those of you who don't know, Robin Dunne, of Sanctuary, played a lead in this fantastic fast action, hilarious comedy/drama set in modern day New York!

Now I was excited cause I again was going to meet Robin Dunne!!! Little did I know that he would not be the only Syfy star there!

The story:

My Fake Sister (Alicia) and I walked in to take our seats, it is on a first come basis, so we got to choose where we sat. We sat down and I was looking towards the center of the House to see how many people were coming in, and just to look around. Well, I randomly caught sight of a face that looked familiar, but it took me about 3 or four double takes to realize who it was! I seriously was having a hard time getting my brain to function and actually believe that it was who I thought it was.

Walking down the middle of this 50 seat, VERY intimate theatre was TORRI HIGGINSON!!! Seriously could have died right then and there!!!

This is an actress that I have admired and studied and prayed that one day I would be able to meet and work with! But it was never a REALITY to me! I never believed for even a second that I would ever get to meet Torri!!! It was a dream and that was it! Out of all of the Stargate actors and actresses, she seemed the farthest away from me!

So how surprised am I that she is RIGHT THERE!!!

First thing I did was turn to my friend and say "OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygod" NO JOKE!!! Couldn't stop saying that! My heart was beating so hard and fast I swear that everyone could see my body jerking from the velocity!

Here is the dialog:

Me: OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygod
A: What? What? What?
Me: Ohmygod! BIG Stargate actress over there! SHE IS IN THE THEATRE! Ohmygod!
A: Who is it? (she doesn't watch Stargate, but she knows that I am this uber fan of all things SG!)
Me: TORRI HIGGINSON! She is like THE actress on Stargate: Atlantis!!!
(at this point she starts to laugh at me and my fangirly-ness)
A: Are you going to go try and talk to her?
Me: I HAVE TO! I can't just let her sit there, and NOT go talk to her!
(again she laughs)
A: You are too cute!

At this point the play is about to start but I can't sit there and NOT tweet it! The EPIC tweet that made Twitter explode:

Omg!!!! @torrealis...guess who is here!?!?! TORRI!!!!! *dies* no I can't keep tweeting I will be back at intermission!!! *dies again*

And then twitter exploded, and from the start of the play to the 45min to intermission there had to be AT LEAST 50 tweets! It was crAzy! (and a hilarious all at the same time!) Guess it was a bit mean to leave them with one tweet and nothing else...but I did make up for it...sorta...durring intermission:

I was so excited and bouncy and just full of so much SQUEE that I REALLY had to pee...sorry but there is it! LOL

So I get up and walk over to the restroom, which is back stage, through a door that is on the stage and straight down a short hall way. I have to walk right past Torri, and I have a straight view of her from where I am standing in line. She was talking to her two friends that had come with her, and I really didn't want to interrupt her evening cause that is rude regardless if she was famous or not! But then, just as I thought I am not gonna be able to talk to her, her and her friends stop talking and are just sitting there...seriously in my head I said to my self "Its now or never Kirsten! JUST DO IT!"

So I start walking towards her, and for those of you who know me well, when I get super excited I cannot string two words together!!! There is a bunch of stuttering and babbling and beginings to unfinished sentances, I also repeat myself a lot! It is quite embarrassing and doesn't only happen with celebrities, it happens with my friends too!

I also cannot think properly!

So in my head I am thinking how can I smoothly tell her that I am a big fan, because in my head just saying that "I am a big fan" seemed stupid and lame...yes I know its not, and it was probably better than what I said...but again, my brain was all gahekljgholahvk so I was not thinking properly...


*walk up to Torri smiling*
Me: I am so sorry and I don't want to interrupt your evening or anything, and again I am sorry (this is when she smiled at me and looked a bit confused but her and her friends were very kind and saying stuff like "no, of course not")

But...(and this is where it gets embarrassing) ...I know who you are! (STALKER MUCH!!!!)

right away I knew how stupid I sounded and so I tried to fix it...

*said quick and at some points with a bit of a squeak and no breath*
Me: I mean, I am a big fan of yours! I am a big fan of stargate and that is how I know you, and I just wanted to come and say hi and meet you, and I am sorry for inturrupting your evening (there was a lot of me saying "sorry" and she was very kind saying it was ok and smiling at me and just being fantastic)
Torri: Oh wow! That's so sweet! Hi! I'm Torri *offers me her hand* What's your name?
Me: Kirsten *shakes her hand (she has a very good handshake)*
Torri: Well it is very nice to meet you Kirsten.
Me: *BIG SMILE* I am so happy I am meeting you right now, I am a big fan of yours, and of Stargate, and Scifi. I am also a big Sanctuary fan, which is one reason I am here, for Robin.
(At this point she truned to her friends and said "Thats the name of the show Robin is doing right now!)
Torri: *turning back to me* So do you live in the area? (first off, she could have easily brushed me off and said well it was nice meeting you, and gone back to her friends...but she asked ME a question that kept me there longer! *squee*)
Me: Well I live in the Riverside/Hemet area...
Torri: Oh thats cool!
Me: But I will be moving to Vancouver to go to film school in a few months!
Torri: OH WOW!!! What school?
Me: VFS!
Torri: How exciting! That is so exciting for you!
Me: Yes I am very excited about it!
(and this is where there was no more to say but one thing every fangirl has to do!)
Me: So...if this is not ok just tell me no and I will be perfectly ok with that, but just tell me no (again I was babbling because I was just so nervous/excited) cause I will understand!
Torri: ummmm... (little smile that I am sure was cause I was all goofy fangirl) ...ok...
Me: (now you have to imagine my voice going from strong to squeaky...or its not as funny) Can take a picture with you? (as well as me getting a big wiggly with excitement...cause I am a doof!)

Funny part about this was that before she could even answer, her friend said..."Sure, I'll take the picture for you!"
I think it surprised Torri so much that I had recognized her and wanted a picture with her that she couldn't quite get the answer out right away, and so she laughed and her other friend said "I love that you offered to take the picture before Torri even said yes or no!" Then we all just started busting out laughing!!! It was a good moment!

So Torri finally gave me her answer: "Yes, of course I will take a picture with you!"

She is so humble and I could tell that she didn't want to take away any of the thunder the actual actors on stage were getting.

She stood next to me, arm around my waist, and we smiled for the camera:

THE PICTURE WAS BLURRY!!! NOOOOO!!!! But her friend was very clear that she was going to take another one, regardless of how Torri felt about it...We laughed! But then her friend was having trouble with getting back to the camera on my phone, and me and Torri looked at each other and laughed (she has a very good laugh! and it is very hearty!) And again there was me: "I am so sorry to have bothered you!" (and I was...if only because I was taking some time away that she had with her friends), and of course she was very cool Torri: "No, I am happy to take a picture with you!" (although she wouldn't do a funny face pic LOL...and we laughed about that too!)

So we took a SECOND picture:

Look how LOVELY that picture is!!! And she was just so nice and fabulous and is now one of my favorite celebrities! (she was already on my list of "Top Ten People I want to Meet" and now she can go to the "Top Ten People I want to Meet AGAIN" list)

So I think there was a hug, but I am not certain, cause my mind was completely blown and I was so happy that the next 5 min is not really in my brain at the moment!

Torri: It was really nice meeting you Kirsten, you are so sweet!
Me: (In my head I was all "HEEEEEEE" but out loud...) It was so nice to meet you too! Thank you so much for talking to me and taking the picture!
Torri: My pleasure!

And so we had now said goodbye, and I was reminded of my original mission...I REALLY had to pee!!! (I could hear them talking as I went to stand in the line again, and they were saying things like "She was so adorable" and "That was so sweet!" Which just made me smile more as I admired the AWESOME that was the picture!!!)

After, I went and sat back down next to my friend at our seats and she just LAUGHED!!! She told me that she thought I was "Too cute" and that she had been doing a "play-by-play" in her head the entire time! "Oh, she's making her move now! There are the introductions! Is the picture coming soon? And there is the picture!" She made me laugh so hard!

I then tweeted the picture to all my Twals, and again Twitter exploded...but not because it was a picture of me and Torri, but because it didn't work! The link wouldn't show up for many of the people waiting for this very AWSOME picture. And because I was watching the play, I had already turned my phone off again, and didn't know that the picture wasn't working! Finally someone re-tweeted it and everyone was able to see it, and again Twitter exploded (for the third time I might add LOL).

So the play ended (it was even better the second time!) and everyone was leaving, except a few people who wanted to talk with the actors (and that included me, but did not includ Torri).

As Torri was leaving I turned just before she was about to get my attention so she could say bye:

Torri: Bye Kirsten! It was really very nice meeting you!
Me: It was nice meeting you too! And thank you again!
Torri: Your welcome, and good luck at film school! I hope you go far! (or something to that affect...again, my mind = blown)
Me: Yes! And I hope to meet you again soon! Bye!
Torri: Yes that would be nice! Bye!

And Torri left! Leaving a squeeing, flailing, PINGING fangirl behind!

It was EPIC and the best part was that it was COMPLETELY unexpected! As well as the fact that I NEVER thought that I would EVER meet her...other SG actors and actresses, yes, I am going to meet ALL of them one day! But she was really just a dream to me! Of all the SG actors that could have walked into that play, it was TORRI!!! Fate? IDK, but this year has been the BEST so far!!! I feel that it is MY year!

In closing...I also got to speak with Robin Dunne again (as well as the lead actress...she is very nice!!!), he remembered I was there last week! (she remembered me too!)


R: Hi! So good to see you again!
Me: Hi! Yes it is very nice to see you again!
(introduced my Fake Sister Alicia)
Me: So...do you remember my name like I told you to?
(Robin gets this look on his face like he THINKS he remembers, but doesn't want to say the WRONG name just in case)
Me: It's ok if you don't! I wont be offended! *laughing*
R: No don't tell me!...I spelt it wrong last time right?
Me: Yes!
R: K-e-e-e-e
Me: Yeeeesss!
R: (looking like he wants to say my name, but still not sure it the right one) Oh, man! ok, just tell me!
Me: Kirsten!
R: I WAS GONNA SAY THAT!  That was what I thought, but I didn't want to say the wrong one and then get in trouble!
(more laughing)
Me: Oh, you should have tried anyways!
R: I know! But I do remember that you are gonna be blue at Comic Con! Your Kirsten and your gonna be Blue! I remember that!
Me: You are correct!

So we talked more...just small talk, and then he and Vanessa (the female lead) had to leave cause they were going out to eat or something, and so he said:

R: Bye! It was really nice meeting you again! And I am so glad you enjoyed the play!
Me: Yes I did! It was fantastic both nights! I will see you again in Vancouver!
R: Yes! And you will be Blue at Comic Con!
Me: Yes and you will remember me?
R: I will! Kirsten the Blue one! Kirsten/Blue! Kirsten/Blue! You have to come see us now!
Me: Right! I will be there!

We said goodbye, my fake sister and I went to eat, and then I went home to cuddle with my best friend! It was one of the most fun nights in my life! I am so glad that my fake sister dragged me with her (well she didn't have to pull too hard ;P) to see the play again! I LOVE HER!!!

And that was my EPIC night of fangirling and meeting one of my idols!!!

*faints with over pingage and squee*



Man, Torri looks too skinny though. :S
She looked really nice in person...but I am super skinny too, so I might be a bad judge :P

It was VERY awsome!!!
*squee* That's such an adorable story, thanks for sharing! :D That so wonderful of her, she is such a sweet person. Cute picture!
Thanks :D I tried to stay true to me and her, and all the other ppl, but I am sure that there are some things jumbled up! Like I said My mind = blown! LOL
Heeeeee...thank you! I was very overwhelmed and such a dork! LOL

I have met Amanda...but at Comic Con in San Diego and at the time I was dressed as mystique *points to icon*

She thought it was way cool!

I really do like Torri so much more now!
OMG!! She's still alive! I was beginning to think she'd dropped off the planet. *snerk* Thanks for that report and the great pictures!! She's a very sweet person.
HAHAHAHA...yup alive and living in LA apparently! LOL She was VERY sweet! And I was just a big 'ol dufus! LOL
awww...so cute!♥:)))

thanks for sharing!^^

and the pic is also veryyy cute!:)
Heeee...thank you! She was so nice about it!
This is the cutest thing EVER. I was laughing and cheering for you through the whole thing. Congratulations! Torri is so awesome. :D

And that picture is ADORABLE!
Thank you so much! I was trying to put into the discription all of my nervous/happy energy! As well as convey that I was a TOTAL Doof!

I am so happy she let me take a picture with her!
I'm pretty sure everyone who meets Torri achieves epic Doof Status, *g* She has that effect on people, from what I've been able to tell. ;)
I think the biggest reason was because I was so surprised! If I had been expecting her, I wouldn't have been as MUCH as a doof as I was! LOL
Thats for posting this,she a lovely person alright.
That she is! You are welcome!
OH! You're lucky! Torri is one of my all time favorite actresses and I'd love to meet her! I wish she'd update us more on what she's doing!

Thanks for sharing so we can all squee!
I feel very lucky!!! LOL

She is one of my favorites too! And like I said...NEVER thought I would EVER get to meet her! LOL A few days before this I was actually talking to someone about how, eventhough she is on my list, there is no way that I am going to get to meet her...mostly cause I don't go to the cons she attends...guess I should wait before I talk! LOL

I am here to share the squee!!! I was so excited and I think everyone should hear about how nice she is!
SQUEE! Oh, you're so lucky to meet Torri! I hope I will someday. :)
Was a fantastic night! Loved it! She is fantastic!
thanks so much for sharing!! :)
No problem! :D it was a great thing that I hope everyone can experience!
Well, you did better than I did the first time I met David Hewlett. I was brain dead - couldn't speak at all. Just ended up nudging something towards him for his autograph and staring helplessly.
HAHAHA...yeah, I can talk...just can't string sentances together! LOL
damn cool:) I' would love to meet torri she's sooo funny:)
She was just too sweet! And I think completely caught off guard! She is so humble and gracious!
How awesome and amazing! It is so good to hear some news of Torri, dang I miss seeing her on the tv every week. I' m thrilled you had such a squee-worthy encounter! :)
It was quite squee worthy!!! thank you! LOL