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Torri Higginson in Stonehenge Apocalypse

Okay, it's going to be ABSOLUTELY GODAWFUL, but Torri Higginson, Peter Wingfield, and Misha Collins are going to be in Stonehenge Apocalypse together. It's currently listed as in post-production, and if it's not for Skiffy (I'm sorry, I still can't call it "SyFy"), I'll be very surprised.

I've been informed that this totally explains the bizarre Stonehenge-themed pics Misha Collins was tweeting a while back. No Torri in the pics (woe), but you can check them out here, here, and here.

Also! Yay! Nimet Kanji has a small role, and I absolutely adored her as Rajani Mohadevan (the forensic examiner) on Blood Ties. She's got a wry sense of humor as Rajani that's absolutely wonderful. Now if only she had a bigger role, but, with any luck, she and Torri will have scenes together, and then we can have two women on screen at once.

Why, yes, I am entirely too excited about this. Torri's only four down in the credits, according to IMDB.

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