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pellmelody in torri_higginson

Even though I haven't updated it in a long time (where the hell IS Torri?! Bueller? Bueller?), please do NOT go to my Torri site (http://torrihigginson.info/).

It has been hacked. In fact, all of my sites have been.

If you have a really good firewall/anti-virus/spyware program, you won't notice it. Otherwise, you may get a virus or just be treated to some stupid "fly by night" pharmaceutical company .pdf ad (that is what comes up on our Gates McFadden site).

All of my sites, including the Torri one, will be taken down, deleted, and moved to another server. I don't know how long that will take.

Sorry for any problems/inconvenience.

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What a pain! Do you know how it happened?
What a pain! Do you know how it happened?

No, not really. I don't know enough of the "ends and outs" of how website stuff really works to know. I think the little sh** managed to run a "bot" to figure out the FTP password and screw up a lot of stuff. So lesson learned: change your FTP site /website stuff passwords often.

OHNOES! I was there yesterday but I didn't get anything. :(

Hon, if you need any help with Torri's stuff let me know, k?
Aw thanks sweetie!! I appreciate that! I'm glad you didn't "catch" anything. I have no idea really what it is, but I know we've been hacked. The Gates McFadden site my friend runs, but is hosted by the same server, has this .pdf ad that pops up when you go to the site. SO annoying.

Unfortunately, it's just probably going to take some time to get it all ironed out.

Thanks again for the offer of help. It's really sweet of you.
My pleasure. :D
Yeah, someone emailed about the Joe Site this morning about some trojan. I didn't dare check when I was at work because if there was work IT would be up on my ass. And now I see your post, I figured we were hacked again.

Yeah. All the sites were hacked. I think you couldn't tell, at least on some of them, if you didn't have a good firewall because the only site I got the "hack" on was the Gates site. On there, a .pdf opened of some pharmaceutical company. It nearly locked up my computer.

I see Mesh has take the sites down. I think she's going to move them or...something. Like she doesn't have enough to do.

If I found out where that hacked lives....
Apparently the Joe site one makes my virus protection go all crazy. Because the "alarms" went off and say "virus found!"

I just posted a general announcement on the Joe Comm. The stupid thing is I was just getting around to finally work on Season 5 screen caps too.

Damn hackers. If you find out where the dickwad lives, I'll come with you. >_
Ack! I'm so sorry that happened.
Thanks. We have the sites down now. It's just the task of getting them up elsewhere thru a new server, and the time that's involved. Major inconvenience, but not the end of the world.